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Dr Dre Sells Beats To Apple - Becomes Hip Hop's First Billionaire!
Apple is reportedly buying Beats Electronics, the audio equipment and music-streaming service co-created by hip-hop mogul Dr Dre. The Financial Times broke the news of the reported deal which, at $3.28 billion, will be Apple’s largest ever.

Apple and Beats declined to comment on the report. The deal would come as Apple’s sales are flagging, a problem that stems from a lack of major new products that bring consumers to Apple stores, according to an investor note from Needham analyst Charlie Wolf obtained by Apple Insider.

Why splurge on Beats? Read more for full story.
Clippers Owner Donald Sterling - Don't Bring Black People to My Games!
L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling told his GF he does NOT want her bringing black people to his games ... including Magic Johnson ... and it's ALL on tape.

TMZ Sports has obtained audio of Sterling making the racist declaration during a heated argument on April 9th with V. Stiviano ... after she posted a photo on Instagram posing with Magic.

Sterling rails on Stiviano -- who ironically is black and Mexican -- for putting herself out in public with a black person (she has since taken the pic down). But it doesn't end there. Read more for full story.
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong - DJ Freekie London Takes The L!
In mid March of 2014, a street fight video between a New Yorker and an Arizona trucker made its rounds on the internet known as, “Wannabe Gangster Gets Epic Beat Down By Arizona Trucker.” After weeks of denial on social media of getting beat up, the NYC guy identified as DJ Freekie London finally admits to his faults.

Around the time the video went rival, Freekie London defended himself on popular social media accounts going as far as to even stating that he was jumped, although, it is clear from the video that he lost to one man. Read more for the video.
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